PUCCA is lean, participative and focused on impact driven interventions. Our work with individual and institutional donors is on designing, implementing and monitoring innovative solutions, that can be scaled through replication. PUCCA’s project model is as follows:

  1. Identifying Needs – We identify projects based on the most acute community needs which are assessed through participatory appraisals and focus group discussions. This primary data collection exercise is substantiated with rigorous secondary research and expert consultations to contextualize community needs.
  2. Designing Solutions – We design solutions to address identified needs in collaboration with technical experts.
  3. Project Funding – Our projects are funded by individual as well as institutional donors
  4. Implementing Projects – We provide on-site support and supervision to our implementation partners and guide ground-level implementation.
  5. Mapping Impact – We measure the quantitative and qualitative impact of interventions on communities.
  6. Sectoral Outreach – We produce timely and actionable reports of our projects to facilitate conversations around our practices of change.


Durgapur Community Sanitation Project

Located six kilometers from the Mahabodhi Temple, the 680 residents of Durgapur basti in Bodhgaya Nagar Panchayat are living without access to any form of sanitation services. The women and children of the basti are most acutely affected by the lack of safe sanitary spaces, and are more prone to risks of poor health outcomes.  […]

Patepur Farmer Training Centre

Located 38 kilometres from the state capital Patna, the 34 families of Musahar Tola in Gram Bishunpur Kwahi are below the poverty line and do not have adequate resources to provide for basic household expenditure. Consequently, not a single child in the Tola goes to school. Without access and ownership of productive assets, the residents […]

Kesarghadi Drinking Water Project

Kesarghadi Village in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh is located merely 12 kilometers away from the Yamuna river. The groundwater in the village is severely contaminated with fluoride, nitrate, lead, calcium, magnesium, iron, and has a TDS limit of over 6000 mg/l. This forces the 108 households of Kesargahdi to walk up to 4 kms one way […]

Malakpur Akhara Project

Malakpur Gram Panchayat, located in Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat district, is home to some of India’s finest wrestlers and kabaddi players. Located in the midst of India’s sugar belt, Malakpur has produced several professional athletes who have represented India at international sporting events including the Olympics and Asian Games winning laurels, despite no access to formal […]